Taking Care of Your Eyes

Taking Care of Your Eyes
Eye care is an essential part of any healthy lifestyle. Regular exercise, eating a balanced diet, watching your weight and making sure you have your eyes checked regularly doesn't just keep your vision in tip-top condition, but these measures can also help in the detection of long-term health issues such as diabetes, which can lead to permanent eye damage.
While Traveling...
At home, it's easy to remember to look after your eyes properly. But when you go on holiday, the excitement can mean that eye care is low on the agenda. Whether you travel regularly or are just planning your annual holiday, it's important to remember eye care as part of your travel preparations.
Eye Fitness ...
The medical benefit to exercising your eyes is widely contested, which is why you may not have heard or read much about the subject, and yet you may be well aware or even own the popular game 'Sight Training' on the Nintendo DS. They do however benefit people where there is a known muscle imbalance, but unless prescribed by your eye doctor, our advice is therefore to treat eye exercises as a bit of fun that can give you a welcome break from your busy lifestyle.
Eye Safety...
Your eyes are incredibly complicated and very delicate. Modern life puts a real strain on your eyes - VDU screens, dust and pollen in the atmosphere, even some household cleaning agents can all affect your eyes, making them tired, sore or even damaging the delicate surface of the eyeball.
Healthy Diet
Everyone knows that a healthy, balanced diet is good for your body, but it can also be good for your eyes as well.

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