Genuine Transitions® Lenses

Genuine Transitions® Lenses
Genuine Transitions® Lenses protect your eyes by blocking 100% UV rays, 100% of the time. Genuine Transitions® adaptive lenses are satisfying millions of spectacle wearers across the world. With the widest variety of lens designs and materials to choose from, Genuine Transitions® adaptive lenses offer a distinct advantage over ordinary clear lenses.

Genuine Transitions® Lenses can help you through your busy day. This dynamic eyewear is designed to be worn indoors and to automatically adapt when outdoors, to give you a more comfortable viewing experience while protecting your eyes from damaging UV light.

Genuine Transitions® Lenses offer:

CONVENIENCE - as clear as ordinary lenses, indoors and at night. Great for when your are at home, in the office or in a restaurant;

COMFORT - by conveniently darkening outdoors to reduce glare and tired eyes. Perfect whether you are cycling, walking the dog or going out shopping;

PROTECTION - Transitions lenses protect your eyes by blocking 100% UV rays, 100% of the time. Ideal for when you are rushing between meetings, at school sports day or out in the garden.

Most prescriptions are available with Genuine Transitions® Lenses, for more information visit your Optical Masters Today.

“Transitions is a registered trademark of Transitions Optical, Inc.”

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